2C-E: Trevor Robinson mourned after overdose [UPDATE]

As some of the victims of a mass 2C-E overdose are leaving the hospital, more details are emerging about what happened before 19-year-old Trevor Robinson died.

"Trevor's the kind of guy where he likes to up his friends and do more than they can do," says Stephanie Larsin, a longtime friend. "I think he just took it too far."

The drug, also known as Europa, is a hallucinogen and is currently legal. It's a cousin of 2C-I, which is illegal. Neither substance has ever been linked to a death before.

A teenage boy decided to throw a house party in Blaine to celebrate spring break. He invited Robinson--a well-liked first-year college student--his friends, and several others. There was drinking and at some point, a guest who'd bought some 2C-E online began passing the pills around. According to Larsin, who was not at the party but spoke to several people who were, Robinson almost immediately began having trouble after taking the pill. He wasn't talking and his breathing became strained. Some say he was banging his head against the wall. Eventually, one of his friends called 911.

Another friend apparently decided to drive Robinson to Unity Hospital in Fridley. He was left in the parking lot where hospital workers found him unconscious.

Back at the party, police arrived and found that several of the people who'd taken the drug had fled. They spent some time interviewing guests who were still there to find out where they'd gone.

"It was a little chaotic," says Blaine police captain Kerry Fenner. "We had to work backward to try to find some people and check their welfare."

Ten people, between the ages of 16 and 21, were hospitalized and two were in critical condition. Doctors were not able to resuscitate Robinson and he was taken off of life support yesterday. As of this afternoon, at least nine of the other victims have been released.

Update: This afternoon, police announced they've arrested a 21-year-old man they believe is responsible for buying and distributing the 2C-E. He's being held for third-degree murder and  will be formally charged on Monday.

Andy Young, a lifelong friend of Robinson's, responded with anger.

"I hope he gets life! Trevor was my best fucking friend!" he wrote in an email. "We were together for everything!"

Rumors are swirling within the group of friends that the drug was mixed with some other chemical or cleaner. But Fenner says the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, which analyzed the substance, confirmed that it is 2C-E and to his knowledge did not discover any other harmful substances in it. He says Blaine police are investigating along with Anoka County.

"Our investigators are diligently working toward identifying possible suspects and getting them charged, because we did have a death," he says.

Meanwhile, Robinson's friends and family are in mourning. He left a five-month-old baby boy named Bentley behind.

"He would always tell me and his mom that when he died he wanted to be remembered for something," says Larsin through tears. "And this is definitely it. There's so many kids now that will stop doing all this stuff. They want to be sober now. He made a lot of impact on a lot of lives."

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