2C-E: Timothy Richard Lamere charged with third degree murder in mass overdose

The Anoka County attorney has officially charged Timothy Richard Lamere with third-degree murder for his role in a mass 2C-E overdose.

According to the criminal complaint, Lamere provided the drug that lead to 19-year-old Trevor Robinson-Davis's death last Thursday. The police report also revealed that Lamere took the drug as well.

According to police, 21-year-old Lamere arrived at a spring break party in Blaine and began offering "2C-I" to the guests, saying it was a hallucinogen. He poured out the grayish powder on a living room table, cut a few lines, and snorted one. Robinson-Davis did a line after Lamere. At least 10 other guests took the drug as well.

It didn't take long for the effects to hit Robinson-Davis. According to his friends, he started punching the walls, yelling, and smashing things, and his eyes dilated. Soon after, he couldn't breathe.

One friend called 911 while another decided to drive Robinson-Davis to the hospital. He was left in the Unity Hospital parking lot in Fridley, where hospital workers found him.

Back at the party, cops arrived and discovered a scene of chaos. While some guests fled to avoid the police, they also began feeling sick, and Blaine police spent some time rounding them up. Some of the guests under the influence of the drug started fighting back against cops and medical personnel.

At some point, police found Timothy Lamere lying in a snow bank in the front yard. He was given medical attention, but cops also went into his pockets and found the pill bottle, still containing some powder.

Ten people were taken to the hospital as Robinson-Davis was already fighting for his life. At 2 p.m. on Thursday, he was removed from life support. The Anoka County medical examiner says he died of cardiac arrest, as a result of toxicity from drugs "in the 2C category."

The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension analyzed the gray powder found in Lamere's pocket and determined it was 8.9 grams of 2C-E. He was arrested on Friday.

If he's convicted, Lamere is facing up to 25 years in prison. Robinson-Davis, meanwhile, has left a five-month-old baby boy fatherless.

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