25 most-read City Pages stories of 2017

Getty Images/iStockphoto

Getty Images/iStockphoto

Mercifully, 2017 is almost in the rear-view.

As the descent into Hellworld hastened -- bad year for equality, science, naturedemocracy, men -- we kept plugging away, bringing Minnesotans local news, information, and highly necessary distractions. City Pages HQ is mostly empty for the holidays, so here's a look back at our most popular stories since December.

Thanks to everyone who read CP in 2017. We'll see ya next year. 

1. U.S. Bank Stadium is a bird killing machine (click here to read)

2. An underground sex club is raided, and Minneapolis is forced to face the times (click here to read)

3. Libby Osterbauer's canine rescue looked suspiciously like a dog flipping business (click here to read)

4. What really happens when an emergency vehicle comes upon a protest [PHOTOS] (click here to read)

5. Edina police ask for whole city's Google searches, and a judge says yes (click here to read)

6. Minneapolis brings the hammer down: Surdyk's is losing its liquor license for a month (click here to read)

7. After staff walk-out, Club Jäger closes (click here to read)

8. I-35W construction will begin August 2017 and never, ever end (click here to read)

9. Club Jäger bar owner donated to David Duke's campaign (click here to read)

10. One Minneapolis teacher's brutally honest (slightly unprofessional) tale of surviving public schools (click here to read)

11. Genocide and mini-golf in the Walker Sculpture Garden (click here to read)

12. Reminder: Minneapolis will be an undrivable hellscape this weekend (click here to read)

13. Adam Sandler announces super-rare Minnesota standup show (click here to read)

14. The Hard Life on Lake Street: Inside Minneapolis' sex-work hub (click here to read)

15. Modist releases 'Dilly Dilly' double IPA, is immediately hit with hilarious cease and desist from Anheuser-Busch (click here to read)

16. Ignored on Tinder, college guy tells woman 'I kinda hope you get raped' (click here to read)

17. Public sex at Wisconsin State Fair, because Wisconsin (click here to read)

18. Dong-shaped snowstorm will give Minnesota the shaft [PHOTO] (click here to read)

19. St. Kate's guard who shot himself had cops looking for ‘black male’ suspect (click here to read)

20. With an arrest and more signs, University of Minnesota's Nazi problem grows (click here to read)

21. These restaurants are closed today for 'A Day Without Immigrants' protest (click here to read)

22. Husband of Ely, MN’s Jessica Biel to perform at Super Bowl (click here to read)

23. 'Sleep well tonight': After Trumpcare vote, Rep. Erik Paulsen's Facebook page is a shitshow (click here to read)

24. Menards faces a barrage of class action suits for wage theft (click here to read)

25. From wedding to body bag in 12 hours -- what happened to Elisa Gomez? (click here to read)