219 crashes reported in the Twin Cities today

We all sort of knew that winter wasn't done with us yet.

Since pouring rain transformed into a heavy snowfall last night, the Twin Cities have accumulated about five to seven inches of powder.

As usual, this has been bad news for drivers.

Between 5:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. today, 277 drivers reported crashes statewide, according to Lt. Eric Roeske, public information officer for the Minnesota State Patrol.

The bulk of the crashes , 219, happened in the Twin Cities metro. Of these crashes, 35 reported injuries, says Roeske. At least one of the injuries is "serious."

On top of that, 408 drivers have reported spinning out on the icy roads. Almost 250 of these reports came from the metro.

Unfortunately, the days is long from over. The snow has stopped for now, but the winds are blowing upwards toward 25 mph. MnDOT is also keeping an eye out for winter flooding that could potentially shut down several bridges.

Suffice to say, the evening commute promises to be no fun.

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