2016 Minnesota All Hockey Hair Team announced [VIDEO]


Wayzata won the boys state high school hockey tournament's AA championship, the larger of the two divisions, beating Eden Prairie 5-3 on Saturday night. It's the first state championship in Wayzata's history.

In the 1A division, Hermantown crushed Breck, 5-0, for its second championship in school history. The win amounted to redemption for Hermantown, which had made six straight trips to the 1A championship, losing each time. 

Now that these boring formalities are out of the way, we get to the most important part: the all-hockey hair team. The annual rite is always awaited with as much or more anticipation than the games themselves. This year's edition was dropped Saturday night, and had more than 12,000 views on Youtube before noon Sunday.

The video, posted by the GameOnMN hockey blog, starts off with the narrator's explanation that they were "getting Minnesota with it," flashing on a few state cultural touchstones — lefse, SPAM, the Purple Rain  album — before calling us the "Land of 10,000 Locks." 

Once the countdown begins, viewers will be overwhelmed by the sight of teenagers skating toward the camera sporting some remarkable looks. The skate-up introduction lets guys build up a nice head of steam, so their long manes come trailing behind by a couple seconds. 

This year's winner is a "controversial" combination award for Burnsville High School, which managed to send out a guy with a beard, followed by a mullet, followed by red hair, capped off by an afro. Personally, we're partial to this guy from Litchfield, who is rightly praised for doing his best homage to Kenny Powers

In this image, it looks like his hair is reaching out to try to stroke his mustache. And why wouldn't it?

In this image, it looks like his hair is reaching out to try to stroke his mustache. And why wouldn't it?

Really, though, they're all pretty amazing. The only disappointment is the knowledge that most of these Minnesota kids will grow out of this "hockey hair" phase, and join the rest of us with silly, trimmed looks like boring-ass adults.

Teach us how to hockey hair, kids, and we will follow you to freedom.