20 things we'd like to see in the Mall of America expansion

The Mall of America is about to get a facelift... 14 stories, to be exact. For a mall that boasts hundreds of stores, a theme park, a sea-life exhibit, a movie theater, and countless other attractions, what's missing? Here are a few of our requests for the mall's expansion.

What would you like to see at the Mall of America? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

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20. Camp Snoopy, revived in all its glory. Who wouldn't want to revisit that giant Snoopy bounce house or take a ride on the kite-eating tree swings? We like Nickelodeon Universe, but sometimes you can't beat the original.

19. Let's take a cue from Madame Tussaud and put in a wax museum featuring Minnesota luminaries like Prince, Slug from Atmosphere, Garrison Keillor, and Judy Garland.

18. What to get for the person who has everything? Their own album. A make-your-own record booth could go a long way during the holidays.


17. A sky-high way to get from one side of the mall to the other -- a gondola lift over Nickelodeon Universe would be the best way to take in the sights and transport all those shopping bags without wearing out your shoes.

16. A Fifth Element satellite store, please.


15. Scott Seekins: The Store. Enough said.

14. Why take the light rail all the way to MSP airport when you can just put a third terminal in the mall?

13. More clothing stores that feature local designers and jewelers. Let's expose suburban and out-of-town guests to boutiques like Cliche, Primp, and Design Collective.

12. The graveyard of mall music stores past like the long-gone Sam Goody.

11. You can buy a Thomas Kinkade at the Mall, but what about local visual artists? A shop featuring work by folks such as Adam Turman, Jennifer Davis, Amy Rice, Rogue Citizen, and others would be amazing.


10. Beer and malls are a great combo. A shop like Northern Brewer or Midwest Homebrewing Supplies where folks could stock up on homebrewing essentials while sampling varieties made by local hobbyists would certainly be popular.

9. Crema Cafe: The kids want ice cream, while you need a glass of wine. Boom! Crema Cafe has both.

8. Minnesotans love hockey and ice skating. Let's put a rink somewhere in the mall. While we're at it, let's section off some of that rink for curling. Who doesn't want to try curling sometime?

7. A big, classy bar-cade like Ground Kontrol in Portland. You can sip cocktails and play NBA Jam. Need we say more?

6. Local doughnut shops! Glam Dolls, Mojo Monkey, or Mel-O-Glaze would be great candidates for MOA status. (Heck, we even miss that old Krispy Kreme... why can't Minnesotans make oh-so-delicious doughnut shops thrive at the mall?)


5. Unless you're there for the movies or some standup comedy, nighttime at the MOA can be a dud. What about setting up a dance venue where local DJs can take turns hosting residencies? Hotpants, Lady Heat, Mike 2600 King, and others can make late-night mall shenanigans fun, not depressing.


4. The MOA already has a theme park and Underwater Adventures, so why not a rooftop conservatory? After hitting all those stores, stepping into a plant-filled sanctuary would be a breath of truly fresh air.

3. One of the best burger joints ever... In-N-Out Burger. (And remember to get those fries Animal Style.)

2. Lake of America.

1. LEGO everything. Forget LEGO Land, the new wing of the mall should be built entirely out of LEGOs. And no Duplo blocks either -- the entire expansion should be built from those tiny flat pieces that are so painful when you accidentally step on them. Every day, the geography will change as visitors take off pieces and relocate them elsewhere. You'll never step into the same mall twice.