20 best blizzard people tweets of Snowmageddon 2010

Blizzard People
Blizzard People
Photo: Nic McPhee

The blizzard unleashed a deluge of snow, and you unleashed a torrent of comment on Twitter.

Sometimes it was to share shovel strategies, sometimes it was to bitch about about the snowplows. Sometimes it was to find humor in the mess.

Here's some of what flew across our radar.


I WROTE A MOVIE! It's called "Purple Snow". It's just like Purple Rain - except Prince and I ride around on snow blowers...

20 best blizzard people tweets of Snowmageddon 2010


I believe I just heard a St. Paul cop just radioing in a prostitution tag. You've got to be dang tough to be out walking these streets.


The cities of Minneapolis and St Paul have been canceled for the evening.


Mixed results to moving my car: I'm in an elementary school lot because I couldn't get any farther. It MIGHT be legal, and I left a note.


1991 blizzard: Dome stayed up, streets got plowed, Schools, airport stayed open. We are not #blizzardpeople. We suck.


Maybe some #blizzardpeople can come help move the jetway to the plane because it has moved 2 inches in 30 minutes & we're stuck on here!


Target's sold out of shovels.... there are snowdrifts up to my knees surrounding my car... #nowwhat


School starting late due to extreme cold, so my kids decide to go out and play for a while. They are true #blizzardpeople.


The sky is falling, Minnesota! Alarmists all of you. Is it the caffeine or just boredom? #justsad #domepocalypse #blizzardpeople


Early closings, no bus service, 2' of #snOMG ... but who's asking the most important question: How many liquor stores are still OPEN?


@DanBarreiroKFAN @PerkatPlay can't Hutch, Allen and Kluwe just fly down and pick up the Giants so we can play this game tomorrow? #tsnownami


Snowed in. We have eaten Brett Favre. Oh, we have plenty of groceries but we just felt it was time. #blizzardpeople


I'm so thankful that I purchased a snow-blower last year...my driveway looks like the planet Hoth...#fb #hoth


If you were bitching about your property taxes, and now you are bitching about snow removal: FASCINATING


There has to be a name for the stuff the plows leave behind in your driveway, or there should be


My friends in California would for sure not understand that I just shoveled a path to my grill to make ribs.


I don't mind the blizzard as long as it comes in a Dairy Queen cup.


Is this baking-cookies-during-a-blizzard thing specific to Minnesota? I'd never heard of it before.


Who knew that a blizzard could be such a generator of neologisms? #blizzardpeople #snowpocalyspe #snowmageddon #domepocalypse




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