2 Wisconsin men bring toy gun to Maplewood bank robbery. Bad move

The cops are probably happy that Wisconsinites Andrew J. Larson and Derek Lombard pulled off an April bank heist in Maplewood by brandishing a toy gun. No officers got shot in the process of chasing the crooks down, after all.

On the the other hand ... a toy gun? What were these Einsteins thinking? Of course, you could make the argument, "Not much," since they made a screwed up decision to try and rob a bank in the first place.

Now they're headed for prison. Larson pleaded guilty today in Federal court to robbing the bank of $13,000. Lombard did the same yesterday.

Their escapade began April 2 when they brandished a weapon in the TCF Bank at 2989 White Bear Avenue, ordered everyone to the ground, jumped the counter, grabbed the cash and fled in a stolen Dodge Charger. Maplewood cops spotted them after they tried to ditch get away car in favor of Larson's car, and gave chase out onto I-694. That's when the robbers crashed and took off on foot.

Lombard was caught after trying to carjack a van. Larson was spotted by a Minnesota State Patrol helicopter running into a Fleet Farm store, where officers caught up with him.

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