2/8 Morning Communiqué



Paul Demko bemoans the lack of media coverage given to the U.S. win over Mexico in soccer last night. Brief rant can be found at Live Nude Weblog.

Britt Robson discusses the Wolves' victory over the Warriors at Balls.

We remember prolific Danish chair designer Hans J. Wegner at Corpus Obscurum.

We're happy to announce the release of our new Media Taster! The City Pages Media Taster lets you actually hear the great music you read about in City Pages—just launch, click, and listen. Simply download the Media Taster and you'll automatically receive a digital mixtape of music on a semi-regular basis (including free MP3s), legal and free of charge.


Ford Motor Co. will rename its slow-selling Five Hundred model the Taurus, a name Ford previously used for a car that became the nation's top-seller. Ford also plans on becoming profitable again by renaming themselves Toyota.

The Federal Emergency Management Administration has determined nearly 70,000 Louisiana households improperly received $309.1 million in grants, and officials acknowledge those numbers are likely to grow.

MINNESOTA BLOG OF THE DAY columnist Alexis McKinnis blogs on anal sex workshops, psychic sister connections about luggage, and her kickball team, the Toxic Shockers, at Girl Friday.

[Minnesota-based blog directory]

TIME WASTERS the online dating service for rural Americans [via Freakonomics blog]

Mental Floss' Top 6 Worst Videos Ever


"When the president would be home, more people would come hoping to get a glimpse of him. But with the frustrations caused by the protesters, it wasn't as popular to come to Crawford and pick up trinkets."

— former Crawford Country Style store owner Norma Nelson Crow, blaming war protesters for the closing of souvenir shops in Pres. Bush's hometown