2/23: Morning Communique


Lovers know that men usually need a "recovery period" after orgasm, and that sexual intercourse with orgasm is more satisfying than an orgasm from masturbation alone. Now scientists think the two phenomena might be linked.

Recent statistics show that the fastest-growing jobs in the U.S. also happen to be those with the lowest compensation. At the same time, the minimum wage is, in real dollar terms, the lowest it has been since its enactment in 1947.

A garbage hauling company that collects San Francisco's trash will begin a pilot program under which it will use biodegradable bags and dog-waste carts to pick up dog poop which will be tossed into a methane digester, a tank in which bacteria feed on feces for weeks to create methane gas. [via Sploid]


Vox Verax is a group blog recently launched by retired U.S. Foreign Service officer Tom Maertens, writer and former DFL House candidate Leigh Pomeroy, former Strib columnist Jim Klobuchar, and retired school teacher and Rochester city councilman Joe Mayer. Their stated goal is to analyze political issues from the left, right, and center.

[Minnesota-based blog directory]


Vote for Lando: Napoleon Skywalker

Dick Cheney: A Big Bowl of Bad


"It was great to have an opening act that was also us. That way if we got booed off, we'd just go right back again."

-- Actor Michael McKean, on NPR, discussing his faux folk trio, featuring Christopher Guest and Harry Shearer, opening for their more famous fake band, Spinal Tap, on a tour

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