1987 Twins World Series ring selling for $7,499


A 1987 Twins World Series ring that goes on sale Friday at Pawn America will sell for $7,499.

Pawn America is vouching for the authenticity of the 10-carat ring -- a size 9.5 that includes 15 small diamonds to make up the Twins "M" logo. The name on the inside does not belong to a player, but rather a front office employee.

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Karl Hattman, a regional manager, wouldn't say who approached the company with the ring, but he noted that it came through their Burnsville location several months ago. The new St. Paul storefront, which is located at 1885 Suburban Avenue, was chosen to boost traffic, Hattman says.

The store's manager, Jim Klay, says he'd heard about the ring but was unsure which store in the Twin Cities area would get it until ended up in his office.

It'll join a 1996 Atlanta Braves National League Championship ring, which hasn't gotten the same amount of attention, Klay says. "No one's asking about the Braves."


It's not uncommon for these things to show up in pawn shops. Often there appears to be a desperate former player who faces bankruptcy or back taxes. Just last year, a Pawn America storefront in Appleton, Wisconsin, sold a 2010 Packer's Super Bowl ring.

"I think for some of these players who were just on the practice squad or injured reserve...the ring just doesn't have the same meaning to them," Hattman says.

Possibly the highest sum ever paid for a professional athletic ring went to Lawrence Taylor's son, who raked in more than $230,000.

Suddenly, the Twins ring sounds like a steal.

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