15 Minnesota sex offenders on the loose, Facebook to the rescue


Well, Minnesota authorities have given up on finding 15 fugitive sex offenders, so they are hoping you can do the work for them.

The state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) and nine counties say they are 15 sex offenders in north-central Minnesota who aren't complying with the Minnesota's Predatory Offender Registry requirements. In other words, the cops can't find them because the offenders didn't bother to update their whereabouts with the agencies. There are warrants out for their arrests.

And there's no better way to find sex offenders and their closest friends than to post it on Facebook. Or maybe just go look in the bushes around local schools.

In Minnesota, anyone on the Predatory Offender Registry has to update their home address, secondary address, place of employment, and vehicles they use. Most are required to do so for 10 years, but some are ordered to check in for life.

Why do we care where these criminals are? They've been convicted of criminal sexual conduct and felony-level indecent exposure; kidnapping and false imprisonment; soliciting a minor to engage in prostitution or sexual conduct; using a minor in a sexual performance; possession of pictorial representations of minors. Yikes.

But these 15 aren't the only non-compliant predatory offenders. There are 428 in the state. Lock your doors and hide your children!

Want to save your community from the fugitives? Check out the details on all of them on the BCA Facebook page. There is a photo, name, and last current address for each non-compliant offender. You can also see the state's listing here.

Once you track down these guys and use your sweet lasso skills to trap them, contact the BCA at 651-793-7070 or 1-888-234-1248. If your lasso skills aren't up to par, just send an anonymous tip here or call 911.