14-year-old boy loses testicle after 'sack tapping' attack

There's no denying it: Boys have some weird fascination with hitting other dudes in the testicles for fun. Watching others fall over in pain is apparently extremely hilarious. Until someone loses a testicle.

David Gibbons, a 14-year-old Minnesota teen, was so injured after being part of a game of "sack tapping" that doctors had to remove one of his testicles. Doctors say he should still be able to have children some day, but we're assuming that's really the least of his worries right now.

"I don't know how to stop it," said David in a KARE 11 report. He says he's been sack tapped before and is now moving to another school district.

Dr. Scott Wheeler, a Brainerd urologist, told KARE11 he performs three to four surgeries a year on boys who end up with ruptured testicles or other problems after getting punched or kicked in the groin. Dozens of others come in with less serious injuries.Of course this isn't just a couple bad eggs in Minnesota punching other boys in the junk. It's a trend! In Indiana, schools are calling ball tapping a widespread problem running rampant in the halls.

Hide your boys, buy them nut cups, and please teach your sons to stop being total idiots.

Check out the KARE11 report below:

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