13th Car-Train Green Line Crash Results in Arrest of Alleged Drunk Driver [PHOTOS]


Last night, City Pages Senior Account Manager Amanda White was riding a Green Line train from the Turf Club back to her Uptown apartment around 11:30 p.m. when a wrong-way driver smacked right into the damn thing.

White says the car was headed the wrong way down a one-way near the site of the new Vikings stadium when it hit the train. Passengers were held up for about 30 minutes as police and Metro Transit officials responded to the scene.

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White says her first thought was to exit the train and snap photos, but riders weren't allowed to leave -- officials told them doing so would be "dangerous." So she did the next best thing and snapped some pics from inside.


Here's one of officers responding to the scene:

Here's another of the immediate aftermath of the accident:

Finally, a trainwreck selfie:

After it finally arrived at Target Field Station, White snapped a picture of the damage to the train. Suffice it to say the car got the worst of this one:

Drew Kerr, spokesman for Metro Transit, tells us nobody was injured. The driver of the car, 38-year-old Brooklyn Park resident Larry Mosby, was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

To see Mosby's mugshot, click to page two.


Here it is:

Kerr says the train and car involved in the crash both sustained minor damage, but neither was debilitated, and the scene was quickly cleared. Service delays were minor.

The crash was the 13th along the Green Line involving a car since service began in June. There have been 57 incidents of that sort on the Blue Line since it opened in June 2004.

We asked Kerr if Metro Transit is concerned by the number of car-involved accidents along the Green Line.

"The Green Line goes through an urban environment," he replies. "We expected there would be a period of time in which drivers and pedestrians would adapt."

"Where we are today, we've made great improvements from the opening of the line," Kerr continues. "We're continuing to make improvements and continuing to move in the right direction."

Well, except when trains encounter drivers headed in the wrong one, at least.

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