11 white supremacists turn out in Duluth, get pelted with snowballs

White supremacists are confronted by counter-protesters outside Duluth City Hall on Saturday morning.

White supremacists are confronted by counter-protesters outside Duluth City Hall on Saturday morning.

It probably wasn't the sort of showing members of the Supreme White Alliance had in mind, but really, what else did they expect?

Eleven members of the white supremacist group took part in an anti-Un-Fair Campaign march in downtown Duluth on Saturday morning, only to be vastly outnumbered by counter-protesters, some of whom eventually pelted the white supremacists with snowballs.

Four anti-racists were arrested on disorderly conduct charges.


Members of the Supreme White Alliance decided to march in response to the Un-Fair Campaign's controversial "It's hard to see racism when you're white" billboards, which have been visible around Duluth since January. A statement posted on the SWA's homepage last week says
the Un-Fair Campaign "has plastered advertisments [sic] all over [Duluth] basically telling white people that they are automatically racist
because they are white."

Robert Hester of Superior, a member of the Alliance and the rally's organizer, told the Duluth News Tribune he was unable to give his prepared speech during Saturday's march, as counter-protesters drowned him out with chants of "Nazis out!" "Get out of Duluth!" and "Go home!"

It was over quickly. A half-hour after the white supremacists were met downtown by about 200 sometimes snowball-throwing counter-protesters, police escorted the Alliance members into Duluth City Hall amid chants of "Run and hide, go inside." They walked through the building and out to their cars without further incident.

The Tribune reports that a total of about 500 counter-protesters turned out at the Duluth Civic Center and at Canal Park, meaning the white supremacists were outnumbered 50 to 1.

So while it may sometimes be hard for Duluthians to see racism in their 90-percent-white community, it seems they won't let a downtown white supremacist march escape their collective gaze.

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