11/7 Morning Must Reads


Friday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Fireworks shed explodes in color, injures owner "An explosion at a fireworks manufacturing building in rural Dodge County seriously burned a Kasson, Minn., man Thursday, about 12 years after an explosion at another fireworks factory he owned killed a woman." Neighbors were used to hearing crackling fireworks, but when it sounded more like an explosion, they said "It's finally happened".

Crazy man on a plane Don't assault passengers or the flight crew on plane unless you want the FBI after you. A Minneapolis man on a Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam is accused of head-butting and spitting on a passenger in July.

Food shelves get $550,000 boost John Kemp, executive director of Neighbors Inc. in South St. Paul, which saw a 34 percent jump in demand for food in September and October over last year and the donations aren't following suit. Twin Cities food shelves will get an additional $550,000 next month from the United Way and two Twin Cities foundations.

Scammers try to trick election donors Scammers called at least two Minnesota Obama supporters on Thursday, claiming to be a U.S. Marshal with money left over from his campaign to give back. Just give him your banking information and he would return it!

St. Paul woman stole dead man’s mail A St. Paul woman was busted and sentenced for stealing mail in Roseville and filling out a change-of-address form in another person’s name. She pled guilty Sept. 11 to mail theft.