11/6 Morning Must Reads


Thursday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Minn. Senate seat catching national interest Minnesotans aren't the only ones begging for this race to end. Nationally, people are watching this race along with three others that are undecided. Democrats would need to gain all of the seats to get their magical 60-vote majority to block a filibuster in the Senate.

Racial barriers fading fast The Star Tribune gets local reaction for African Americans in the Twin Cities to capture what it was like to wake up and know the country elected its first black president: Barber Al Monteiro, 31, looked lovingly on his son, Kyan, 4. The child said he wanted to be a basketball player, like LeBron James, or perhaps president, as his father reflected on the meaning of Obama's election. "We've been called inferior, two-thirds of a person -- all kinds of names -- but Barack proves that none of that is true," Monteiro said.

Dean Barkley escaping the madness We never thought Dean Barkley had a shot of winning over Coleman or Franken, but it's still a tough spot to be as the big loser. His plan? Disappear for awhile. No point in staying to watch Minnesota crumble, right?

Coen Brothers finishes movie filming in Minnesota Our moment in the spotlight is over. We rarely get this type of national attention. Remember Fargo? That's embarrassing. One of the saddest moments in filming? Someone dropped the giant vintage Red Owl sign and shattered it.

Win an election, but don't expect to be recognized for it Shelly Boss won with about 69 percent of the vote for a spot on the Little Canada City Council, but on Wednesday morning, she had the state election officials and local media reporting her loss. So what is her souvenir of the win? A newspaper correction.