11/3 Morning Must Reads: Franken, Coleman and illegal immigrants


Monday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Free preventive care for the uninsured sounds good, but won't deliver The Star Tribune has a front-page story about local hospitals contributing $500,000 to help the uninsured get preventative care so they don't end up in the emergency room with less serious problems. The catch? That money will only cover the care of 1,000 people. "An estimated 374,000 Minnesotans, or 7.2 percent of the state's population, lack health insurance, according to the Minnesota Department of Health."

We can't keep the troublemakers out When illegal immigrants get busted for criminal activity, they are promptly kicked out. But keeping them out isn't so easy. According to the Star Tribune, they just keep coming back and not learning their lesson. "Federal officials have sent Jose Trinidad Sanchez-Azpeitia packing to his native Mexico three times since 2003. Yet the illegal immigrant keeps coming back and getting into trouble, including convictions for drug possession, damage to property and fleeing a police officer." Crime is just more fun in Minnesota.

Everyone wants to be an election judge this year Minnesota needs about 30,000 judges to run the election and the state has received a record number of applications. "In past years, it's been difficult to recruit enough people for the unglamorous but essential job of manning polling places and counting the votes."

Don't scream at us about politics, take it to God A local minister started a Web site in March to help people process anger through prayer. Now that site is being used to ask God to go after all the dirty politics in our country. Rev. Ian Punnett from St. David's Episcopal Church in Minnetonka said political talk wasn't what he had in mind, but it works nonetheless. Check it out.

See the Senate debate last night? Here's the fact check So who's misleading voters these days? The Pioneer Press lays down the facts from the most recent debate. This lawsuit debacle even has us confused, so don't feel bad.