11/21 Week in Review

Once again, the epic Senate recount dominated the news this week despite no real excitement. You should still know the play-by-play so we've got it.

Plus, some other newsworthy notes came across our desks, so check it out.

RECOUNT MANIA Both campaigns continued to raise suspicions about the recount process before it officially started Tuesday. Al Franken got some slack from the Republicans for his visit to the Capitol this week to discuss the recount and raise some dough for the process.

On Monday, Franken also made an effort to delay the recount to ensure every vote, including some rejected absentee ballots, was included in the certified total. But just ignore Franken, he is a failure in life.

Both of the candidates had their last minute spin to add before the recount started. Coleman declared victory prematurely once again. The recount officially started with zero votes. Franken tried once more to bring up more problems.

Franken won one court battle and got access to rejected absentee voter information. And what happens during a recount? A lot of challenges to ballots.

SERIOUS PAUSE: Franken in a speedo!

The media continued to spread falsehoods about the recount and Media Matters kept us very updated on it. At least Pawlenty finally admitted the "ballots in the car" story was wrong.

THE PURPLE ONE Prince was back in the news after a New Yorker piece quoted him speaking negatively about homosexuality. He later said he was misquoted. Then he was sued by the maker of his perfume.

STAR TRIBUNE DEPRESSION Star Tribune employees received a depressing memo, warning of "painful cuts" to come. The paper cut MARQ, a high-end glossy sent to the richest in the Twin Cities, which meant laying off six employees. The paper's eEdition also changed hands without informing subscribers.

THE BOOKIE: BLUEBERRY DAN Judd Spicer had a great piece about spending the weekend watching football with local bookie Blueberry Dan.

ANGRY FIRED INTERN The best story of the week? A fired KSTP intern went batshit crazy trying to attack a producer and now the station is filing charges. The story turned viral and spread out across media circles.

BACHMANN'S ANTI-AMERICAN COMMENTS URBAN LEGEND, SHE SAYS Bachman got her crazy on again, saying Franken is stuffing the ballot box and her anti-American comments on MSNBC are "urban legend". Right. And then she started talking socialism again.

PETTERS' GIRLFRIEND SPEAKS Tom Petters' girlfriend, Tracy Mixon spoke to WCCO and riled up a lot of folks around town.

CITIES97 SAMPLER STILL SUCKS And what's up with the Cities97 CD Sampler? People still buy that crap? This lady does.

JAMES LILEKS, CP STYLE We also have F. James Lileks writing for the blog. Check it.