11/21 Morning Must Reads

Friday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Hampton made big history Nov. 4 A small mostly white town of 750 people made history on Election Day when they elected the first Liberian-American mayor in the country and Dakota County's first black mayor, according to the local historical society.

Robbinsdale man accused of dragging officer after traffic stop A Robbinsdale man convicted six times of drunken driving is still in jail after he was accused of dragging a state trooper 50 feet Saturday.

Bad economy leaves Minnesota charities screwed Minnesota's charitable foundations gave about $1 billion worth of services and donations to the state last year, but they are stuck in a tough place during a bad economy. Needs are higher than ever as people give less and their investments tumble.

Cat thrower sentenced to probation The convicted St. Paul cat thrower, who chucked a cat against a wall during an argument with his girlfriend, was sentenced Thursday to five years of probation in addition to his seven months in jail. Cat karma gets you hard.

Elaborate shoplifting scheme falling apart at Southdale Edina police say they have arrested two people in connection with a shoplifting ring that has been hitting Southdale and perhaps other malls. The shoplifters have been able to steal large amounts of merchandise without being caught. Police believe some of the group distracts the staff while others steal and leave.

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