11/19 Morning Must Reads


Wednesday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Mac Hammond wins... this time A U.S. district magistrate judge's recommendation Tuesday sided with Mac Hammond's Living Word Christian Center. The Internal Revenue Service was after the Brooklyn Park megachurch to provided more detailed financial information on Hammond's compensation. Check out the recommendation here.

Cops are impatient, screw up a RNC protester case Police screwed up big time when trying to bust two men from Texas who were suspected of planning something violent during the Republican National Convention. Instead of following the law and actually receiving a search warrant, they just busted into the trailer to remove the evidence against them. Uh, isn't that No. 1 in police school? Get a warrant or you lose the right to use the evidence you collect? Even we knew that.

Astronaut, St. Paul native screws up during space walk We're not quite sure why this actually deserves its own story, but we were mildly entertained at the attention it received. Astronaut and St. Paul Native Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper, who made history as the first woman to lead a mission, screwed up when her tool bag escaped from her after a grease gun inside it exploded. It was the largest item ever lost during a space walk.

Minneapolis focuses on Somali murders The Somali community in Minneapolis has seen seven murders since December and now Mayor RT Rybak is making a big push to address the problem. He spent most of Tuesday meeting with city leaders and community outreach officials to discuss ways to apply his youth violence plan to the community. Hmm, this story looks familiar.

St. Paul taxi deregulation? The St. Paul City Council is considering deregulation for their city's taxis. Currently the city sets rates, but the new plan would increase competition and lower fares, some say. Who actually takes a taxi in St. Paul anyway?