11/18 Morning Must Reads


Tuesday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Judge finds an easier way to pay off divorce debt When Judge Timothy Blakely saw tough divorce cases that could be settled out of court, he recommended a really good divorce lawyer to take care of it. Well this really good divorce lawyer was his own and he was giving him reductions in his own debt for the new customers. He saved about $64,000 on his bills, about two-thirds of his total. If only life was so easy.

Former Minnesota House Speaker Irv Anderson dies The Star Tribune has a nice obit for former Minnesota House Speaker Irv Anderson. Mike Hatch calls him the greatest representative in state history after his 34-year term. He was 85.

Double decker bus, beep beep SouthWest Transit is testing out a double-decker bus for their routes to downtown Minneapolis to keep up with the 15 percent increase in ridership this year. You can catch the bus at 7:15 a.m. Wednesday and 8 a.m. Thursday at the SouthWest Station in Eden Prairie.

Downtown restaurant drama pretty hilarious We don't normally enjoy CJ's column, but this bickering between Hell's Kitchen and New Calhoun is cracking us up. This sort of drama probably happens all the time, but most would be smarter and not let CJ in on it. We told you last week about how New Calhoun was stealing Hell's Kitchen customers from their long line. Now New Calhoun tried to start a rumor that their homemade peanut butter is Skippy brand. Keep it coming New Calhoun, you're not making any of us excited to give you business.

Shooter was just joking when he pointed gun at friend, killed him Samuel Kelieh Dennis, 20, didn't know how to handle a gun when he took it to a friend’s home in Fridley. When he showed the gun to his friend, he accidently shot and killed him. "Dennis told authorities he was 'just messin’ around' with the gun, something he would do occasionally 'to like scare myself.'"