11/17 Morning Must Reads


Monday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Duh: Speciality shops want you to shop with them instead of the mall The Pioneer Press ran this story on the top of their front page and we still can't figure out why. Did you know speciality shops have weird stuff? Did you know they want you shopping with them during the holidays instead of big box stores? Yes, we did too. The story then continues with short briefs about different stores, which feel more like advertisements for local shops than anything news breaking. Maybe we are missing something here. The first part of this story that ran this weekend has a little more substance on mall culture, but we still don't quite understand it.

Did the sun help the bridge fall? The final National Transportation Safety Board report on the 35W bridge collapse last August has been released and the Star Tribune looked at the factor of the sun on when the bridge actually fell. The extreme heat, in the 90s, in addition to the extra weight made the structure expand and contract, leading it to break at that very moment in the evening. Read the full story for the explanation.

Minnehaha makeover One of our favorite spots in the city, Minnehaha Falls is going to start a major makeover in the coming months to repair some serious erosion problems and crumbling infrastructure. The construction will be done by next fall. We appreciate the area for it's rundown look, but not everyone enjoys risking a scary slip into running water.

Rewards for turning in cockfighting and dog fighting A press conference at the state Capitol today will be a formal announcement on a new reward system to help stop cockfighting and dog fighting in Minnesota. More than 250,000 dogs are involved in dogfighting pits each year and tens of thousands of people participate in cockfighting.

'Deltafication' of Northwest As the two airlines merge into the largest airline in the world will take about two years to complete and both companies are trying to ease the transition for customers. Expect to check in at the same kiosk soon for Delta and Northwest and see changing uniforms on employees. Can the world's largest airline pull this off without frustrating costumers.