11/14 Week in Review

It was quite the week in news, particularly dominated by Norm Coleman, Al Franken and their campaigns stirring up trouble and giving us something to talk about. Thanks, but no thanks?

Here is a recap of everything you might have missed this weekend.

The distance between our beloved Senate candidates these days? 206. Over the weekend, Coleman tried to stop the counting of 32 absentee votes in Minneapolis with a court filing. Coleman's defense in court came as the Associated Press reported that the undervote could be a significant factor in the recount because of the 25,000 ballots with a presidential pick and no Senate pick recorded, more than 18,000 of those ballots came from counties won by Barack Obama.

The Republicans decided to start a smear attack on Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie in an attempt to raise questions of his leanings. And the national media caught on to the story, often spewing false information about the recount to confuse the nation. Coleman's campaign joined in on the fun of ripping on Ritchie, but their information was wrong.

And of course Franken has to sue for something too. And make up anecdotes along the way.

FiveThirtyEight has been giving us a lot of nerdy number crunching pieces to help us understand the chances of either candidate coming out of this with the win. Their final predicition keeps changing, but it's fascinating nonetheless.

The lawsuit that alleges Coleman's buddy Nasser Kazeminy funneled $75,000 to the Coleman family kept getting play this week as Kazeminy finally spoke out against the allegations. Then it got more interesting. And when an anti-Coleman group asked the FBI and Senate to investigate, Coleman became raging mad and told them to bring it on.

Several journalists and former CP staffers got the boot over at Minnesota Independent this week. And they aren't happy about it. Their parent company, Center for Independent Media wouldn't speak about it and told employees to shut up or be fired. They finally released a statement Thursday addressing the layoffs.

The final National Transportation Safety Board report on the 35W bridge collapse came out this week. They concluded that the bridge was doomed from the start, but the extra weight from the construction equipment also played a role.

Gov. Tim Pawlenty started his week in the spotlight also raising questions about the vote recount and the supposedly mysterious votes appearing in the state for Franken. Then he ripped on Palin's "Drill Baby Drill" mantra.

People still seem to get riled up about Rep. Michele Bachmann. We are just happy to have great material to write about as she will be quite the lame duck in Congress.