11/14 Morning Must Reads: 35W bridge, bird hunter, astronaut, beer at stadium


Friday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Why the bridge fell Funny note of the day: The Star Tribune and Pioneer Press have the same headline: Why it fell. Both in very huge letters. We are finally getting some real answers to the biggest question in the Twin Cities: Why did the 35W bridge fall? Unfortunately, we don't have a certain person or organization to point our fingers at. The final report is due today, but the Star Tribune covers testimony and hearing at the Capitol Thursday.

Watch out for the man in the grocery store shooting unwanted visitors A produce protector was in the White Bear Township Cub Foods last week. Walking down the aisles, the man had a pellet gun to shoot at unwanted visitors: birds in the rafters. "The gun was a Presto-X pest eliminator who was called in to get rid of the birds. By law, grocery stores are required to remove such birds because they can carry diseases."

St. Paul female astronaut breaking barriers Astronaut and St. Paul native Heidemarie Stefanyshyn Piper is going back to space today for a 15-day mission. She will be NASA's first woman to work as a lead spacewalker. Rock on! Shattering the glass ceiling.

Get rich to drink at the U stadium If you want to get trashed at the new University of Minnesota football stadium, you'd better start looking for a better job. To get a $5 beer at the game, you'll have to be sitting in a $1,800-plus seat. The Regents are thinking of applying for a liquor license so the rich old folks at the games can drink their money away. Students will have to resort to beer bongs on University Avenue before they venture over.

Protesters say police beat people, they are the innocent ones Protesters from the Republican National Convention say that while the police ask for victims of crime from the streets of downtown come forward, police were the real problem. Protesters are asking for access to the 6,000 hours of video tape to strengthen their case against the police, but have yet to see any of it.