11/13 Morning Must Reads: Bridge collapse, recount, Hell's Kitchen, American Girls


Thursday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Bridge collapse final report spurs lawsuits The National Transportation Safety Board is releasing their final report today about the 35W bridge collapse that killed 13 people. Several victims and survivors filed lawsuits yesterday against consulting firm URS. They claim they didn't properly inspect and evaluate the bridge and didn't exercise caution by placing their heavy equipment on the bridge while removing the deck.

Senate vote recount won't be complete until mid-December Minnesota won't know who won the Senate race until at least mid-December, Secretary of State Mark Ritchie said yesterday. He also announced the head honchos on the Canvassing Board: "Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice Eric Magnuson, a former law partner of Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty, three other high-ranking judges and Ritchie, a DFLer, who made the selections Wednesday." The group will certify results and help solve contested ballots.

Boy died fighting back against his father to save his sisters In a terrible story of domestic violence, a 12-year-old Dodge Center, Minn. boy died trying to save his sisters from their father who had already killed their mother, according to charges filed yesterday. The boy was able to get the knife from his father, stabbing him twice in the back while his sisters escaped. The man had already stabbed and shot his wife. The girls were also stabbed, but made it to a neighbor's house for help.

Hell's Kitchen gets hot and dramatic We love restaurant drama! What's better than the restaurant that moved into your old building trying to steal your customers? Hell's Kitchen owner Mitch Omer says a New Calhoun Grill employee walked across the street to their long weekend line and handed out menus to get hungry people to come to their empty restaurant. Omer marched right over to their building completely livid and got a sassy response. Don't burn bridges people!

Recession won't keep girls from their dolls Your family might starve this holiday season, but at least your daughter will have a beautiful $90 doll to cuddle away her hunger pains. The American Girl store opened yesterday at the Mall of America with high hopes of riding out the economic troubles.