1,047 cars towed in Minneapolis over the weekend

My neighbor was apparently among those who didn't get the message.

My neighbor was apparently among those who didn't get the message.

Well, sorry in advance if you owned one of the more than 1,000 cars that were towed during the weekend snow emergency in Minneapolis. It's happened to all of us before over here at City Pages, so we know how much it sucks.

And we know -- if you did get towed, you really want to blame it on someone. Anyone. Maybe it's those asshole tow-truck drivers who probably get paid by the tow. Or perhaps it's those godless bastards downtown who, in all likelihood, probably get a cut of the action from the tow-truck drivers, which is probably the only reason they called this snow emergency in the first place.


But seriously, they tried to warn you. We hate to say it, but they really, really tried.

If they have your phone number, they called you to tell you about it. Then they told you on Facebook and Twitter. They even told all of the local media organizations to remind you about it, because they knew you would probably forget.

Still, the city tell us that 1,047 people did not get the message. Or they did get the message, and didn't understand it. Or they just didn't give a shit about the message because it was cold, and their cars were buried in a foot of snow.

That breaks down to 648 cars towed Sunday and 399 on Saturday night, according to Minneapolis spokesman Matt Liable.


If you were not one of these people, congratulations. But it's not over. Today is the last day of the snow emergency, meaning you could still get towed. So if you don't live on a snow emergency route and have not done so already, move your car to the side of the street with the even-numbered addresses, just like these little blue cars:

Do it right now. They were supposed to tow you hours ago.

As for those who did have to find a ride to the impound lot this weekend and throw away a couple-hundred bucks, don't beat yourself up too much. Really, it's nothing to be ashamed about. It happens to everyone. You'll do better next time.

In the meantime, click here to brush up on snow emergency protocol.