100 brave U of M students toke up on campus for 4/20


In the spirit of the time-honored holiday, about 100 brave University of Minnesota students celebrated 4/20 yesterday by holding a weed-smoking session in the middle of campus.

According to the Minnesota Daily, students flocked to the school's Northrop Mall area in late afternoon, armed with joints ("marijuana cigarettes," as the Daily puts it), hookahs and musical instruments. The group commenced toking and jamming in unison at - you guessed it - exactly 4:20 p.m. in a scene that probably looked not unlike that part in the Matrix Reloaded where Zion breaks out into a dance party.

So why didn't anyone stop them?

As it turns out, University Police Chief Greg Hestness never heard of the 4/20 tradition. "I think that flew under our radar," Hestness told a Daily reporter.

In other U of M-weed-smoking news, a new head shop, Sherlox Parlour, just opened in Dinkytown. Sherlox is located only a few short blocks away from The Hideaway, another glass-paraphernalia shop in the area.

Just yesterday, The Daily Beast named Minneapolis the 13th most pot-loving community. From the sounds of things, the University of Minnesota neighborhood is doing its part in upping those stats.