10-year-old boy heaves bike at squad car

A 10-year-old boy threw his bicycle at a West St. Paul squad car in front of Kmart on Sunday. Apparently, the kid was mad because he wanted a new BB gun.

This isn't the first encounter police have had with this kid. Officer are "really familiar" with him, police Chief Bud Shaver said. "Kids nowadays, sometimes they're pretty hard to control these days," he added. "They have a lot to deal with."

Police were called to the Signal Hills Mall Kmart that morning because the boy had hit an employee and was pounding on the store door and screaming.

The officer who responded found the boy riding his bike around the parking lot. When the 300-pound cop reached for the kid's arm, the boy got off his bike and threw it on top of the squad car, breaking a windshield, denting the hood and causing $1,300 in damage.

The boy also called the officer "a nasty name," Shaver said.

It's unlikely that the boy or his parents will be charged for the damage to the squad. The family does not have much money. Anyway, who would charge a 10-year-old?

"Everybody is trying to help this kid get better, and be able to work in society, and act appropriately, and succeed," Shaver says. "But you step back, and he's got an uphill battle here."

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