10 U.S. cities that will somehow be colder than Minneapolis this weekend

Shari L. Gross, Star Tribune

Shari L. Gross, Star Tribune

The projected high for Minneapolis is 55 degrees this Saturday and 64 on Sunday.

Here's a fun little number you can sing to the tune of the Maybelline jingle:

Maybe it's happenstance. Maybe it's climate chaaange!

But hey, that means this'll be a dreamy weekend for riding your bike or lounging by the lake. And it means that a bunch of cities you'd never expect are going to be colder than us here in the Bold North, especially on Sunday. 

All temp data from weather dot com current as of 7:30 a.m. Friday.

San Francisco, California
Saturday high: 54
Sunday high: 58

Atlanta, Georgia
Saturday high: 56
Sunday high: 60

Nashville, Tennessee
Saturday high: 55
Sunday high: 63

Charleston, South Carolina
Saturday high: 57
Sunday high: 60

Raleigh, North Carolina
Saturday high: 55
Sunday high: 61

Savannah, Georgia
Saturday high: 60
Sunday high: 62

Santa Fe, New Mexico
Saturday high: 58
Sunday high: 50

Louisville, Kentucky
Saturday high: 52
Sunday high: 64

Richmond, Virginia
Saturday high: 53
Sunday high: 62

Durham, North Carolina
Saturday high: 54
Sunday high: 61