10 U-W-Stout hockey players punished after student's death

Eight players on the University of Wisconsin-Stout's hockey team have now been suspended, and two have been charged with being party to felony murder, in the wake of fellow student Bradley Simon's death.

Simon made the mistake of getting into an argument with the hockey players one September night at a Menomonie bar called The Log Jam, where they were all drinking.

A bouncer told Simon to leave, but the cops say Jedidiah McGlasson, and Jared Britton couldn't leave well enough alone. They allegedly followed Simon, knocked him off his bike into a concrete wall and then left him in the street. He died five days later.

Saskatchewan native McGlasson, and Jared Britton, who's from Alaska, were arrested later. They were charged yesterday.

The university also handed out the eight suspensions to other players on the hockey team yesterday.

Chancellor Charles Sorensen said their presence in the bar put a black eye on the campus, and they're off the hockey squad for the entire season.

McGlasson and Britton, should they beat the charges, will never be eligible to play for the team again.

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