10 things we're not thankful for

10 things we're not thankful for
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We know, it's Thanksgiving. We're supposed to go on about all the stuff we're glad about. Well, harrumph. There's plenty about Thanksgiving that we could do without - 10 things, to be exact. Have your own suggestions? Leave 'em in the comments section below.


10 things we're not thankful for
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Mandatory football
Yeah, it's been fun to watch the Vikings steamroll everybody, but only the saddest fantasy football junkies should care about clashes of mediocrity like Packers vs. Lions.


10 things we're not thankful for
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There's only so many times a turkey enchilada hot dish can be reheated before it becomes The Mush of Death. It's nice have enough food for everyone on T-Day, but a week's worth of leftovers afterwards is just annoying. This year let's cut down on the gallon tub of stuffing and four apple pies, 'kay? 

10 things we're not thankful for
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The annoying relatives

It's Uncle Bill, who complains about his hemorrhoids the whole weekend. Or the nephew who runs around screaming with a pillowcase over his head. Maybe it's the fundamentalist wing of your family, the ones that try to make you feel bad for fearing God less than they do. These lame relatives turn what should be a nice family get-together into an excruciating, weekend-long torture session. 

10 things we're not thankful for
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Endless holiday specials on the teevee

If you've seen one Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, you've seen them all. And we're really really sick of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Is it too much to ask for the family to gather 'round for a heartwarming viewing of Total Recall?


10 things we're not thankful for
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Everyone fawning over the latest recipes from Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray

Why is the cooking world still enamored with the Ex-Con and Peggy Pepster? The two both re-use "family recipes" that are really just knocks off from "The Joy of Cooking," a tome published in 1931.


10 things we're not thankful for
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Revisionist history
Everyone is happy and the Indians were our friends! Now, we can forget about that whole smallpox-infected blankets thing, right?


10 things we're not thankful for
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Cleaning up
If you're the Thanksgiving cook, you spend half a day of your precious vacation washing dishes afterward. If you're a guest, you feel obligated to help clean up when you really just want to take a nap. 

10 things we're not thankful for
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Everything's closed

After Thanksgiving dinner, the excitement's over and everyone's gone home, but there's just boring specials on TV and nowhere to go because it's a holiday. 

10 things we're not thankful for
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All the bottlenecks, stop-and-start, and idiots (that is, the other drivers) of your regular commute, magnified for the holidays by the presence of your family in the car and all the mini vans filled with annoying kids who make faces (or worse) at you through the windows.


10 things we're not thankful for
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Picky eaters

No, the stuffing is not exactly like grandma used to make. And the pie might not have been made with your favorite brand of canned pumpkin filling. Sorry that you've gotten so used to instant flakes that you don't know what real mashed potatoes taste like, but we're not switching. Funny how the complainers, who always have a wealth of suggestions for how the cook could "improve" the meal, never offer to host the dinner themselves.


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