10 Halloween costumes that reveal your inner douche


Target really raised the bar on douchey costumes this year with their bigoted and offensive Illegal Alien costume. So we're getting together a whole list of costumes guaranteed to ruin friendships and make everyone at the party super uncomfortable. Click through to preview, or check out the entire list. Add your own suggestions in the comments!

Genitalia: Look, we like junk too. But we don't necessarily like thinking about your junk. And when you dress as a giant ween or vag, that's pretty much all we can think of.
The Breathalizer Blowjob: This costume achieves maximum doucheyness by combining the humor of drunk driving with the comedic power of middle-school sex jokes. The Studfinder: This is the female equivalent of a guy wearing a hard hat and carrying around a ladder and shingles, and calling himself "The Rufer."

Check out the full list.