10 Epic Sports Fail Moments

10 Epic Sports Fail Moments

Yesterday we reported that Brett Favre might've cracked a rib, or as we put it on Twitter, "needs a band-aid for his boo-boo." The whole scenario smelled a little funny, and we don't mean Favre's stanky-ass pads. No, we detected the acrid odor of FAIL. And it got us thinking back to a few other memorable moments of sports fail.

10 Epic Sports Fail Moments

1. Portland Trail Blazers select future nobody Sam Bowie in 1984 draft over little known North Carolina prospect Michael Jordan. And kicked themselves collectively for the next 19 years.

2. Jose Canseco allowing a home run by causing a fly ball to bounce off his head and over the fence. Classically beautiful fail.

3. Beckham to the U.S. A bigger misallocation of American dollars than the Star Wars defense system and charter schools combined. But damn does he look good with Posh Spice on his arm.

Bill Buckner Play - 1986 World Series - Funny videos are here

4. Bill Buckner-- the great granddaddy of goats, booting the routine grounder to allow the Mets to win game 6 of the World Series. My 8-year-old Little-Leaguer kid brother wouldn't have missed that.

5. The XFL. Period. Vince McMahon and Jesse Ventura? Count us out.

6. Bob Ojeda severing the tip of his left middle finger (on his pitching hand) with a hedge trimmer. It's too late for Bob, but let's try to prevent another epic fail.


7. Willie Shoemaker standing up in his stirrups to celebrate, thinking he had just won the 1957 Kentucky Derby. Uh, Willie? Still a bit more of the race to go, buddy. Shucks, and there you lost it. Oh well, make a PSA for NASA with Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

10 Epic Sports Fail Moments

8. Brien Taylor, #1 draft pick for the New York Yankees, tearing his labrum while in a fistfight and subsequently ending his career before he made it to the majors. And that's why people whose hands are potentially worth millions should never get in fistfights.

10 Epic Sports Fail Moments

9. The Vikings Penis Slip. It's not epic fail for tight end Visanthe Shiancoe, whose man-snake was impressive enough to silence any critics. No, the fail award here goes to Fox News, who thought they could somehow do a locker-room interview without any wang getting flashed.

10. Finland's Tero Pitkamaki spears French long-jumper Salim Sdiri. When your job is hurling sharp objects, accuracy would seem a prudent skill to develop.

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