10-day forecast: High Super Bowl weekend temp will be a balmy... 11

Prepare to look and feel like this, Eagles and Patriots fans.

Prepare to look and feel like this, Eagles and Patriots fans. Jerry Holt, Star Tribune

Still pissed the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots are playing in the Super Bowl, and the Minnesota Vikings aren't?

Take comfort, Minnesotans. Our region's weather systems are conspiring against visiting fanbases from Boston and Philly. They will come here seeking sporting glory and entertainment. In the process, they will freeze their asses off.

The National Weather Service says high temperatures for the Twin Cities will stay above freezing tomorrow and Saturday, but are then expected to "take a tumble again in early February."

Let us follow this tumble. The Weather Channel's 10-day forecast says even mid-week next week, metro area temps are expected to reach the 30s. That's set to change on Thursday, with its forecast high of 14. The predicted low that day? Four below zero.

Those frozen conditions are expected to remain throughout Super Bowl weekend: Friday (high of 11, low -3), Saturday (high 10, low -2), and Sunday (high 11, low -2). 

In Boston, by comparison, the low temperature that weekend is expected to be around 19 degrees, with a high on Friday in the upper 40s. In Philadelphia, the Friday high is supposed to be above 50, and the weekend low isn't supposed to go below 24.  


The Weather Channel also predicts "about one inch of snow" to fall in Minneapolis-St. Paul Saturday morning. Storms are tough to call this far out, and that number could easily increase or vanish by next week. 

On the Monday after the Super Bowl, many football fans, rich folks, and celebs will wake up with a hangover, a plane ticket, and an expected high of 9 degrees.

As if all that weather weren't enough, now we're going to make you listen to this song.