10/8 Morning Must Reads

Wednesday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Teen gulity of raping disabled teen and 57-year-old The girl and the woman sexually attacked by Joshua L. Smith were easy prey, prosecutor Jill Fedje told jurors Tuesday. The 17-year-old girl was vulnerable because of mental and physical disabilities, and the 57-year-old stands only 4-feet-9. Smith, 18, was found guilty of brutally raping and beating both of them. He could face up to 48 years in prison.

What else caused the financial fallout? Add cars to the list Katherine Kersten's column today adds yet another reason why the economy is falling apart: cars. Suddently the resident conservative columnist is now an expert economist too. Wouldn't it be nice to make a list of everything blamed for the bailout? The whole country would be at fault for this. At least Kersten isn't blaming the God-hating atheists or Democrats this time.

Ramstad ashamed a Democrat might steal his seat Retiring Rep. Jim Ramstad called Democratic mailings and TV ads "gutter politics" and "utter fabrications," on Tuesday, calling on DFL candidate Ashwin Madia to disavow party attacks on Erik Paulsen, Madia's Republican rival in the race to succeed him. Looks like the Republicans are getting desperate to paint Madia as an evil, single, non-mortgage holding maniac. Madia's campaign said Paulsen has been the only candidate to run negative advertising with his own money. All of the negative Madia ads were produced by outside groups. Keep it coming! We love gutter politics because the second we elect someone, we don't even know what we are really buying into. Every House vote is a surprise!

Summit Avenue is the one of the best streets ever Next time you drive down Summit Avenue, bask in the greatness that is such a historic street. Summit Avenue in St. Paul has been named one of 10 great streets in the United States in 2008 by the American Planning Association. The avenue was chosen because of its "breathtaking vistas, park-like qualities and decades-long history of planning measures, civic participation and private stewardship," according to the association. It's unfortunate this came out so soon after a cyclist was hit and killed on the road.

Burnsville family gets to stay intact, for now Our favorite little kids, desperate to keep their family of chickens clucking around the backyard, get some more time before Burnsville can send them to the slaughter. The City Council voted 3-1 to allow Stefan Remund, 11, to keep his seven backyard chickens until it reconsiders its ordinance regarding the keeping of animals. Rock on, Stefan! Fight the man for the chickens.

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