10/7 Morning Must Reads

Tuesday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp.

It's been fun, McCluck Our good friend in Burnsville might be losing his battle against the city tonight when the council decides if his family of chickens have to head to the slaughter. Pudd'n Legs, McCluck, Rachel and the three others that lay eggs are lucky that they have become celebs in the Twin Cites, because the boy has offers from farmers and other people who would care for the chickens, set up a visiting schedule and even collect eggs for the Remunds. How sweet. We were so worried about Pudd'n Legs.

Hey Grandma! Sign up for Twitter! The Pioneer Press instructs us how to use to internet to learn more about the debate. Twitter? Google Reader? News Aggregators? Our minds are spinning! In other words, read this story to learn how we do our job. We bet most PiPress readers will get so lost in cyberspace they will completely miss the debate. Clever distraction.

This election is boring, let's move on So apparently the DFL has decided to drop this election and start thinking about 2010. They are already holding meetings to start thinking about a DFL candidate to tear Pawlenty apart. And it looks like they have a good list running already. Look out, Pawlenty. The Dems are in town. Who is on the list? St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak, U.S. Sen. Mark Dayton.

Sun Country: It's all Petters' fault We reported yesterday that Sun Country filed bankruptcy. In this morning's paper, we have more information about their financial state. The airline's CEO insists this isn't a broken business model. It's all Tom Petters' fault because they were expecting short term loans to make it through the slow season. "Controlling their own destiny is better than being sucked into the vortex of all of the issues of the Petters organization," said Ralph Strangis, a Minneapolis attorney who has served on airline boards. So it's business as usual they say, but don't be surprised if your flight attendant looks unshowered, depressed or sleep deprived. They are getting paid 50 percent less.

I gave you a lap dance, get over it A former stripper-turned police dispatcher has filed a sex discrimination lawsuit against the city of Richfield, claiming her co-workers violated her rights and spread word of her former job around the police department. Sounds like high school all over again. The woman says she “was insulted and mocked, repeatedly referred to as ‘the Pole’ behind her back, unjustly downgraded on her performance reviews and not given the chance to succeed in her position,” the suit claims. And now the entire metro area and and internet world can make stripper jokes at her expense. Lawsuits are a great way to keep your life private.

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