10/3 Morning Must Reads

Friday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp.

Another reason schools ruin lives: No birthday treats We have to admit we felt so proud lugging a bag of treats to school on our birthday. By that point, rules said we had to bring Little Debbies, but they were delicious nonetheless. Now schools are making a new rule: no birthday treats allowed. They might hurt other students' feelings and then make them fat. Oh come on! There are 30 kids in a class, it wouldn't kill them to have 30 treats in nine months. And we never remember kids being judged for not bringing a treat on their birthday. Schools are now officially lame. They continue to suck all of the fun out of it.

Palin wins sympathy from liberal St. Paul females College of St. Catherine students weren't wooed by Sarah Palin's vice presidential debate performance, but at least she got some sympathy. A Pioneer Press reporter joined a group of 50 students, faculty and staff in a college dining room to see how they reacted to the speech. Almost all the women thought Palin was held to a different standard than Democrat Joe Biden. No one said they would vote for the Republican ticket, but they predicted she would be judged more harshly than Biden because she's a woman. "If you screw up, you screw up for every woman who comes behind you," said senior Laura Nelson. Yikes! We don't think enough women have the confidence to have Palin lead our way and set a high bar for us to follow.

Three die from carbon monoxide poisoning in home Tough economies bring tragic stories that could have been prevented. Two men and a 14-year-old boy died Thursday when they were overcome by carbon monoxide fumes from a gas generator they were using inside a north Minneapolis home, police said. A gas-powered generator was running in the basement of the house, where the electricity and gas had been turned off in the past couple days. The two men died at the scene and the boy was pronounced dead at Hennepin County Medical Center.

Man run over by train, walks away bruised A 19-year-old St. Paul man survived being run over by a train Wednesday night in Newport. Deejarriell Travon Burgin was in good condition Thursday at Regions Hospital with extensive bruises but no broken bones. Officials believe Burgin heard a train coming at the last second and lay down between the tracks while four locomotives and 76 rail cars passed over him.

Man tries to escape robber, gets hit by car Some people just can't get a break. A homeless man was struck and killed by a car after trying to escape an armed robber in south Minneapolis early Thursday morning. Zachary Taylor, 47, and a friend, Amanda Wandersee, 23, were standing near E. 24th Street and Portland Avenue S. about 3:15 a.m. when a man approached and started a conversation. The man then pulled out a knife and tried to rob the two. Taylor ran into the street and was hit. The robber hasn't been caught.

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