10/28 Morning Must Reads: Congressional graffiti, ticketsplitters, Franken mailer


Tuesday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Is the threatening graffiti artist traveling or inspiring copy cats? Authorities in Missouri found similar graffiti on the property of Missouri lawmakers this weekend, but officials aren't sure if they were done by the same person. "On Friday morning, spray-painted graffiti were discovered on two vehicles owned by U.S. Rep. Russ Carnahan, D-Mo., that were parked outside his St. Louis home. One of the cars was marked 'Bailout for China is Treason.' The other was spray-painted 'Psalm 2' and 'traitor,' references similar to those painted on lawmakers' homes and garages in Minnesota last week." Our country continues to impress us.

Anti-Franken mailer smells a lot like Sen. Rudy Boschwitz mailer The Pioneer Press published the story about the anti-Franken mailer that resembles a kids comic book on the front page. It's a lot like the downfall of Boschwitz: "In 1990, Republican Sen. Rudy Boschwitz sent a letter to Minnesota Jews five days before Election Day that accused Democratic challenger Paul Wellstone of having 'no connection whatsoever' to the local Jewish community and raising his children as non-Jews." Republicans have just taken it too far this time. Sen. Norm Coleman should be legitimately pissed off.

Druggies or water heavy? Who knows Fox News reported this weekend that two Vikings were busted with a particular supplement in their system: bumetanide. The Star Tribune goes deeper into the story to explain the controversy surrounding it. The prescription diuretic was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 1983 for people who suffer from excessive fluid in the body caused by heart failure or kidney problems. The NFL bans it because it can mask steroid use. We still don't understand why it's so hard for extremely rich sports players to follow rules. Oh yeah, they only get suspended for four games. Boohoo.

Ticket-splitters piss off campaigns No one likes a "Ticketsplitter" at least not campaigns who are obsessed with labels. This group is "a small but distinct breed that jumps party lines on a ballot as easily as a hungry deer jumps a fence, searching endlessly for candidates on any side that they can like and trust. They drive campaigns crazy and confound pundits' predictions with their stubborn refusal to fit into any neat political box." In Minnesota, this is particularily interesting because if all Obama supporters also wanted Franken, he would be doing much better in the polls.

Complainers unite, get your money back from the city Did the city wrong you and cost you some hard-earned cash? You might have a case to bring to the Minneapolis claims committee to get what you deserve. Like one woman who claimed $900 worth of clothes were ruined by mineral deposits in her washer after some work on the water system near her home. Worth a try right?