10/23 Morning Must Reads


Thursday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

World-famous Ratchet makes Minnesota home After a two-week battle to escape warn-torn Iraq, Ratchet finally arrived at his new home in Minnesota. He was greeted by a group of supporters, TV cameras and Rep. Keith Ellison. And Ellison helped explain why this dog matters so much: "He's a human way for people to connect with Iraq and a young soldier who is in a war zone," Ellison said as he waited for Ratchet to be unloaded from the jet. "He was source of comfort for Gwen and the soldiers around her. It makes the world a little bit more livable."

Police still baffled by vandalism to Minn. delegation homes There were no new developments in the cases of vandalism against six members of the Minnesota delegation who live in the Twin Cities area. Read our story from yesterday on Blotter. Due to the nature of the graffiti, police said they are investigating the incidents as threats. Police at the U.S. Capitol are also involved.

Rosario: Vandalism not surprising In a front-page column alongside the story of vandalism, Ruben Rosario correlates the crimes with a growing amount of intolerance in the election season. "I'm really talking about something far more damaging to our collective psyche: a disturbing degree of thinly disguised intolerance, stubborn ideological polarity and unabashed character assassination that, quite frankly, I have not seen in my lifetime. This has been building for some time. It is also tarnishing what has been perhaps the most exciting and potentially most historic of presidential races since the Kennedy-Nixon face-off in 1960. The local incidents of vandalism are hardly surprising. It is part of a disturbing nationwide trend."

CJ: KSTP intern wasn't going to be bossed around, attacks producer We would be raging bulls too if we had to intern at KSTP. An intern allegedly broke a glass door as she charged at an exec producer who had to run for her life, CJ says. According to the police report, the "female intern they had had some disciplinary problems with; she was having problems that morning. They decided to terminate her at that point. When they did, she went off on the person who terminated her. Later on in the morning, this girl came at her again. Danielle ran into an office, and the girl busted the [glass] out. Security and a couple of employees had to escort the girl out and wait with her until her mom came and picked her up." Amazing! Her mom picked her up? How precious. We wonder if she had to go on a time out when she got home.

Baby boutique milks Palin connection for all it's worth When the report came out detailing Palin's clothing purchases in Minneapolis, Minneapolis baby boutique took full advantage of their connection to the big story of the day. The Web site for Minneapolis baby boutique Pacifier posted a direct link to the “baby outfit bought by Sarah Palin.” Note: they are staunch Democrats, but who cares? The world's most famous hockey mom dresses her kids with your clothes! Fancy that.