10/22 Morning Must Reads: Bachmann, Franken and pole dancing


Wednesday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Bachmann regrets statement, gets big play Rep. Michele Bachmann finally got down to business and came clean. She admitted she regretted her statements about Obama's anti-American views on MSNBC's Hardball and would take them back: "I had never seen his show before. I probably should have taken a look at what the show was like ... A trap was laid, but I stepped into it. I made a misstatement. I said a comment that I would take back." Unfortunately for her the newspapers gave her statements big front-page play and now even more Minnesotans will know what she said.

Watch the St. Cloud Times video here:

St. Kates says no way to political speak before Nov. 4 The College of St. Catherine has decided to stay away from politics, at least until after Nov. 4. Administrators said they called off speeches by former presidential candidate and New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, conservative political commentator Bay Buchanan and Minnesota's Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Al Franken, because they wanted to be fair. Being fair sure is boring.

Kersten continues politics of distraction against Franken Did you know Al Franken made jokes about Christians? GASP. He was a comedian! Katherine Kersten continues to add mud to an already dirty campaign. We think Kersten missed the boat on this one. We're all over pointing at his jokes as examples of who he is. By now, can't we say he's written material about every type of person?

Well at least Hillary Clinton is Franken's friend Sen. Hillary Clinton spoke on the University of Minnesota campus yesterday to a crowd of about 2,000. "We face serious challenges, and the choice as to whether we will truly break the gridlock, have a new progressive era, rests with all of you," she said. We still wonder if Franken is really pro-American. Haven't you heard his jokes about America? How terrible!

Pioneer Press loves pole dancers We know newspapers are desperate for readers and online viewers, but videos of women learning to pole dance? We aren't quite sure if this is blatant desperation or of some entertainment value.

Watch the video here: