10/20 Morning Must Reads

Monday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Bachmann is screwed Rep. Michele Bachmann continues to morph what she said on MSNBC Friday. Now she says host Chris Matthews brought up the anti-American questions and her comments were misunderstood. We think not. A front-page story in the paper today says her race, which Bachmann seemed to feel quite comfortable winning, is now very competitive.

Hey kids! We told you so! Parents sure do love to say "I told you so" and the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press do their job helping out. A new University of Minnesota study matched grade point averages with the typical health problems such as smoking, drinking and stress and found a clear connection between student health and academic success. Wow! We never would have thought! Our favorite part? The headline: "Your mom and dad are right: Good health = better grades" Right. Because those college students are actually reading this right now.

When you are in the stylist chair, you are on the record Twin Cities stylists are being trained in recognizing signs of abuse within their clients. This includes scars, bruises and burns as well as listening more to what people say during their appointment. A new advocacy program hopes it will help find clients who aren't reporting abuse on their own, but looking for help.

U students can't miss class to vote Don't even try it, says the University of Minnesota. Class attendance policies require students to attend class on Election Day and find another time to participate in their right to vote. Some are concerned that students will be stuck in long voting lines and not plan well.

Boy climbs onto MOA roller coaster, steps away unharmed The Mall of America says it will add higher fences after a 5-year-old boy wandered onto the tracks of a roller coaster at Nickelodeon Universe. The boy, who is autistic, was drawn to an artificial mountain on the Log Chute ride. The boy ran up the stairs, climbed a security fence, went through a ride tunnel and eventually climbed over onto the tracks of a running roller coaster.

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