10/2 Morning Must Reads


Thursday's five most interesting stories printed on wood pulp.

I have chest pain, LOL! As if the internet hasn't already made us fat, lazy and unsocialized, now you might be able to hide in your dark dungeon of an apartment and chat with your doctor online. Is visiting the doctor once a year really that terrible? The Mayo Clinic is currently trying a telemedicine program, which could eventually be covered by insurance companies. The doctor listens to your heart by instructing you to hold a stethoscope to your chests while the doctor dons headphones to listen via a computer. Then you answer questions about how you feel and enter your weights, temperatures and other vitals into the computer. And if you're lucky, you see the doctor "face-to-face" via webcam. And maybe you'll catch your cute "stay-at-home" doc still in his cute PJs.

Southwest read our minds! It broke our hearts when AirTran stopped flying to Chicago and the cheapest flights skyrocketed to $300. Now Southwest Airlines will begin flying out of Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in March with eight to 10 daily departures to Chicago's Midway Airport. Hallelujah! Now we won't have to spend 16 hours of our weekend crammed into a Megabus wishing we weren't poor journalists.

Buy more, recycle more, earn more You can recycle as much as you want, but you still won't get the big-time pat on the back that your rich neighbor gets. The only solution? Throw more parties and consume a lot of beer in cans and bottles. Allied Waste Services of Minnesota is introducing a program that will compensate its customers for their used paper and containers with coupons and gift certificates. Luckily the first program in Maple Grove will average recycling amounts for the whole neighborhood, but in the future residents will be measured individually.

RNC police investigation commission approved by City Council A commission that will review how police interacted with the public during the Republican National Convention will be "independent," its co-chairs vowed Wednesday night. The St. Paul City Council approved the commission 6-0. "Once you engage us, no one can tell us where to go, where not to go, what to write, what not to write," former Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Luger told the St. Paul City Council. "No one will edit (our) report. If we find wrongdoing, we will report it." Sounds like a good start for some legitimate answers.

Your terrible prose now read by everyone Twenty original poems written by St. Paul residents have been published on city side walks this year. Working with the city’s side walk maintenance program, a public art project has been installing poetry-laced con crete when sidewalks are replaced. Our personal favorite:

Steal It Go. Feel the rush. Speed. Take off. The throw. The catch. The slide… …Safe.

Oh man! You almost fooled us! We thought you were talking about stealing a car. How silly of us.

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