10/2 Just Go!

Five events this weekend you shouldn't miss

I've got the banana peels, you've got the secret stash of booze? We'd prefer to be chugging a strong liquor as we watch the debate tonight from the comfort of our homes, but maybe you'd prefer the camaraderie of a theater full of liberals. The Riverview Theater will be showing the Vice Presidential debate tonight on their movie screen, sponsored by the DFL. And it's free!


Inconvenient truth: Two semi-celeb politicians don't make a party Vice President Al Gore will join U.S. Senate candidate Al Franken for DFL Founders Day at Northrop Auditorium (University of Minnesota campus) Saturday. Doors open at 11 a.m. and the program starts at 12:30 p.m. WARNING: This event isn't free. Cost ranges from $25 (students and seniors) to $500 (President's Club).

Bike to remember We wrote about this earlier today, but didn't want you to forget. Bikers in the Twin Cities will take a memorial bike ride to all of the Ghost Bike locations where cyclists have lost their lives.


Impress your non-friends with your terrible German accent This weekend is the end of Black Forest Inn's Oktoberfest celebration and they are ending it on quite a climax. Friday night is David Hasselhoff Night. Saturday is German Accent Night. We better not catch you sitting at home this weekend!


Watch Twin Cities Marathon runners, feel lazy, buy gym membership You already have someone to cheer for, so why not drag a really heavy lawn chair with you to the route and plop down for a morning of watching others suffer. There's nothing better. Once we saw a woman collapse before hitting the finish line in St. Paul and other runners were jumping over her to complete their best time. That's dedication.

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