10/17 Week in Review: City Pages cliff notes

We hope you noticed that Blotter is being updated all day during the week, which can be tough to keep up with. In case you weren't reading religiously (shame on you), here is a rundown of the stories you can't live without knowing.

The Petters' Zoo continues to make news almost daily and this week was no exception. The week started with news that about 50 employees lost their jobs Friday at companies within Petters Group Worldwide. More lawsuits were filed Friday against Petters Friday by non-profits who are now facing serious consequences due to the fraud. Then Petters Co. Inc. filed for bankruptcy. Then Teen Challenge, the Christian-based residential treatment program serving more than 400 teens and adults each year eliminated more than 8 percent of its 260-person staff. Petters' assets have been frozen for awhile, but a judge also had other co-defendents freeze theirs.

DEEP BREATH. OK, more Petters.

We have a pretty good discussion running about Petters and the early signs of this investigation. We got so confused by all of this, that we made a slideshow to help explain what's going on.

Political spouses made the rounds in Minnesota this week. Michelle Obama brought the cutesy love, Todd Palin brought his gun and snowmobile.

Our local fools over at KTLK took their bashing of everyone on earth a little too far when they said Magic Johnson faked aids. The statements made national news as Johnson responded to the allegations. The station eventually apologized (sort of) and plans to run information about AIDS on their station.

The Wells Fargo and Wachovia merger was approved after a serious love triangle with Citigroup erupted into a whole lot of nothing. So disappointing.

The Democrats won't give up on Sen. Norm Coleman's Neiman Marcus suits controversy. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee released a TV spot against him that makes a brief mention of "suitgate".

We had some fun with the Minnesota Wild mascot and remind you that Nordy isn't as bad as you think.

Before Barack Obama picked Joe Biden as his running mate, the two had an ultra-secret late-night pillow talk at the Minneapolis Graves Hotel to hammer out some agreements before the deal was official.

In addition to Bradley Campbell's feature on the most dangerous bike intersections, we have a good list of bike safety tips.

After two weeks of mayhem and begging, a Minnesota Army Sergeant will send her adopted pup home from Iraq. After we reported this story, the petition received more than 30,000 signatures, including Rep. Keith Ellison's.

Michele Bachmann doesn't mind getting around with presidents. She said she would kiss Obama if he becomes president.

And don't miss the SNL skit making fun of the crazy Minnesotan at the John McCain rally.

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