10/16 Morning Must Reads

Thursday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Protester takes the first fall for all his friends A 26-year-old man pleaded guilty this week to first-degree damage to property. He was arrested after he was caught slashing delegate bus tires during the Republican National Convention last month. Joseph M. Robinson of Washington state was the first person charged with a felony for actions during the convention to plead guilty. He originally was charged as Joseph Joe because he wouldn't give his name to police. No comment.

Fifth person charged in beating of disabled man When a 16-year-old girl lied to her boyfriend that a mentally disabled Lakeville man hit her, the four men charged in the case lured the man to a remote location. The girlfriend continued to support the men as they beat and tortured him before letting him loose on his own. She was charged with kidnapping, aggravated robbery and other crimes Wednesday and prosecutors also brought additional charges against three of the four men accused in the abduction and beating.

Weight loss doc makes gambling chips in her free time Police are investigating a physician at a Roseville weight-loss clinic who they believe may be making counterfeit gambling chips to use at Mystic Lake Casino. The woman hasn't been charged. Police believe she uses her office as a gambling chip factory and then takes the fakes to cash in at the casino. This sounds like more work than it's worth. How long does it take to actually figure out how to almost exactly replicate the chips? We can't wait to see what other greedy and desperate measures people take during a bad economy.

MPR's Morning Show hosts don't like young folk's music, cancels show Minnesota Public Radio's "The Morning Show", hosted by Dale Connelly and Jim Ed Poole (Tom Keith) will go off the air Dec. 11. Keith says the show just wasn't the same when it moved to the hip young radio station, The Current. "I didn't care much for a lot of the music on the station," said Keith, who turns 62 in December. "We tried to mix in some flavor of the rest of the Current lineup, but I didn't know the names of a lot of the bands or singers." Those kids do listen to some noise, don't they?

Minnesota is warmer, therefore there is global warming Minnesota has been warming up according to weather station data. The Minnesota data showed Rochester was 2.4 degrees above the 30-year average during the most recent period, St. Cloud 2.3 degrees, the Twin Cities 2.2 degrees, Duluth 1.5 degrees and International Falls 1.1 degrees. Well there's your proof folks. If International Falls is warming, you have to jump on the global warming wagon.

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