10/15 Morning Must Reads

Wednesday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Four men torture disabled man, leave for dead Authorities say four men lured a 24-year-old mentally disabled man from his Lakeville home to a remote area, where they tortured him for hours on two days last weekend. The savage torture included tying him to a tree, beating him and burning him with cigarette lighters. His mother said she was told he also was tied to a motorcycle and dragged for 200 feet before they knocked him unconscious and left him for dead. The four were charged Tuesday in connection with the incidents and were being held in the Dakota County jail.

$1.5 million settlement in Red Lake shooting Yesterday we reported the announcement of the Red Lake settlement. The injured and the families of those killed in the 2005 shootings reached a $1.5 million settlement with a firm hired to develop a crisis management plan at the school, bringing to $2.5 million the amount victims will receive from lawsuits. Lawyer Philip Sieff said the amount is easily among the most received in a high-school shooting nationwide.

'She is dead. I put 3 bullets in her head.' A Woodbury man shot his 19-year-old Maplewood girlfriend three times after a breakup and then called his wife to tell her of the slaying. She was at her boyfriend's house. What kind of marriage is this exactly?

Coleman's buds aren't jumping on the Hope Express You can't always get what you want and Sen. Norm Coleman is learning the hard way. This week as Coleman dumps the negative ads and jumps on the Hope Express, his supporters continue to run new negative ads against Al Franken. Coleman has asked them to stop the ads, but he has no control over what they put in their advertisements.

Pioneer Press loves Fright Farm We're not quite sure why the Pioneer Press devoted three videos on their Web site to the haunted house at Fright Farm, but we watched the videos anyway. Sit back and enjoy watching the torturing of others:

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