10/12: Morning Communique


U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Michael Moseley has said certain weapons programs with "exponential" cost growth and ongoing schedule delays may be canceled, given mounting budget pressures.

Apple has quadrupled its quarterly profits, thanks to global sales of more than 6.5 million of its iPod music players over the past three months.

Scientists digging in a remote Indonesian cave have uncovered a jaw bone that they say adds more evidence that a tiny prehistoric Hobbit-like species once existed.


Everyone should either have their own theme song, or a cartoon rendering of themselves. See the cartoon version of J Wynia at The Glass is Too Big. Good luck with that theme song.. somethin' snappy, something peppy, okay?

[Minnesota-based blog directory]


Ask Jeeves is apparently dumping the "Jeeves" part, hence, a Save Jeeves blog. People still use Ask Jeeves?

Makes you squint and gives you a gut: Steven Seagal's Lightning Bolt energy drinks


"They want to bring down our government, bring down our entire economy. They want to put in place a huge theocracy."

-- Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, discussing Islamic terrorists and no one remotely related to the Republican Party

"I used to tell him, 'It's because you are a talented songwriter. You don't just rhyme June with spoon. And you are a very good singer - lots of people would be too afraid to cover one of your songs.' Then I would make him a cup of tea, and he would be okay. I just miss that sort of moment that we had."

-- John Lennon merchandise licenser Yoko Ono, recalling the times Lennon would wake up in the middle of the night wondering why people covered Paul McCartney's songs more than his own

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