10/10 Morning Must Reads

Friday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp.

Insanity or bravery? Cop leapt into a speeding drunk driver When Elko New Market police officer Steve Malecka saw a drunk driver speeding the wrong way down a county road towards him and oncoming traffic, he did what pretty much no one else would ever do: he pulled his new squad car out into the middle of the road, preparing to be hit by a man going more than 60 mph. It was his lucky day; the driver stopped 6 inches from his car.

St. Paul teacher being investigated for special education student's sexual assault A former 14-year-old Humboldt Junior High School special education student says she was sexually assaulted by her teacher. During an interview with the Midwest Children's Resource Center on Sept. 29, the girl said the teacher had once "put her on his desk and sexually assaulted her in his classroom," having sex with her. Once he was finished, the search warrant alleges, "he told her not to tell anybody and to go back to class." The accused is a longtime special ed teacher at the school and has not been charged with a crime.

The horrors of a fire pit The Weises started their Labor Day weekend with a fire to make s'mores for their three children. The next day after the fire was out, their 15-month-old son fell into the pit, which was still smoldering from the night before. His hands fell into the pit where he was stuck for half a minute. The accident cost the young boy all of his fingers.

Two-for-one: lose your virginity and your identity in one night We didn't need another reason to avoid craigslist sex, but here it is. The second of two defendants has pleaded guilty in federal court to advertising for sex partners on craigslist so they could pick the pockets of those who responded. The two would use the stolen identification, checks or bank records to buy merchandise and prescription painkillers.

High class living on a house boat A homeless man found to be illegally camping out on a large houseboat at Sunnyside Marina was arrested twice last weekend by Oak Park Heights police. The first time they found him with a half-eaten apple, a glass of orange juice and a bottle of vodka — half full. After being arrested, he came back the next night where police found him cooking eggs and wearing a Sunnyside Marina sweat shirt. Living the life.

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