1,640 same-sex couples have applied for marriage licenses in Minnesota

Margaret Miles and Cathy ten Broeke tied the knot at City Hall just after midnight on Aug. 1.
Margaret Miles and Cathy ten Broeke tied the knot at City Hall just after midnight on Aug. 1.
B FRESH Photography for City Pages

Since Minnesota's marriage equality law went into effect, plenty of same-sex couples have joyously embraced it: 67 tied the knot at City Hall in the wee hours of Aug. 1, and even earlier, soon-to-be-newlyweds queued up in downtown Minneapolis on the first day gay couples could apply for marriage licenses in the Twin Cities.

But how many of Minnesota's same-sex couples -- 10,207, per the 2010 U.S. Census -- actually ran to the altar in August?

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At least 1,640 of them have applied to, an analysis by the Associated Press found.

To reach that number, AP reporters Patrick Condon and Brian Bakst called all 87 counties in the state to tally how many GLBT couples had gotten marriage licenses in each. They got data back from 83 of them.

The numbers show Hennepin County at the head of the pack with 950 marriage licenses, trailed by Ramsey County with 264. But more remarkably, they also reveal that couples all over Minnesota are using the marriage equality law -- including in 40 of the counties where a majority of poll-goers voted "yes" on November's failed constitutional ban of same-sex marriages.

State officials have estimated that about half of Minnesota's same-sex couples will wed in the law's first year. After just one month, we're well on our way.

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